How Do I Know If My Antique Ware is Valuable?

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Are you a collector, and you’re on the hunt for finding the best rare and valuable antiques? 

We all want to have a keen eye for spotting rare items and valuable antiques, but only some of us truly possess the skill. If you’re also wondering how you can identify rare and valuable antiques? Well, here’s an article that will help you answer just that! There are many pieces that carry different cultural relevance, historical significance, and legacy, and some also have inherent value. 

These are just a few handful of factors that one needs to pay attention to when it comes to identifying a rare & valuable antique from the market. There are also a myriad of other considerations, but we will look into them later… For now, let’s discuss a few handfuls of tips on how to identify rare items. 

Tips on How to Identify Rare & Valuable Antiques 

Check the Material of the Antique 

So before you choose an antique for yourself, always make sure to check the material of the antique. If the material is of high quality, it will hold more worth in the market compared to ones that are not! For example, an antique made of solid gold or silver is more likely to hold more value than an antique made from a much less expensive alloy metal such as brass or bronze. Similarly, jewelry and artifacts in solid gold and silver appear to be more valuable than ones made of glass or crystal. 

An appraisal specialist like Antique Tri-State Buyer can often verify the quality of the material and determine the exact price of your items based on craftsmanship. 

Check for Antiques with Standout Features 

Another way to identify valuable antique items is to have a look at distinctively rare and precious items. These are the ones that usually stand out. They are “one of a kind” antique items that are custom manufactured and are normally owned by a historical figure or a prominent celebrity. It’s always advised to keep an eye out for such items to show up, and when they do, you can purchase them instantly. 

While searching for such antique items, it’s always best to check for any items that fall in the forgery. If there’s something that’s a knockoff, it can significantly impact the overall value of the item. 

Check for Notable & Historical Antique Brands & Manufacturers 

When it comes to antique items, it’s essential to develop a clear understanding of the brand, artist, manufacturer, and history of the antique item. For instance, something of a vintage or antique nature is likely to hold more worth compared to something that’s coming from a local pawn shop or a regal jeweler. It’s usually because of the brand’s reputation! There are countless other brands with extensive legacies. You can simply find the one that meets the standard and put a price on it accordingly. 

Check the Age of an Antique 

Last but not least, always check the age of the antique which you’re planning to purchase. An antique that is well preserved and is free from discoloration, and structurally on-point it is supposed to hold more value compared to one that’s tampered with or has visible signs of deterioration & weathering. When it comes to the age and condition of the antique, it provides significant clarity on its overall value. 

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