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Do You Want To Sell Antique Porcelain and Pottery in NJ?

If you possess antique pottery or porcelain and want to sell for a fair price, you have landed at the right place. At Antiques & Collectibles Buyers, we are specialized in buying Porcelain and Pottery made by Europe, China, American, and from other origins. There are more antiques made out of pottery and porcelain than any other material such as silver or gold. If you have any beautiful porcelain and pottery pieces lying in your attics, cellars, basements, garages or cupboards, just pull them out and bring them over to us. We are experts in valuing quality pottery and porcelain items for the best price possible.

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How Do We Identify Quality Pottery and Porcelain?

Porcelain was first produced by Chinese over 1000 years ago. Quality porcelain has certain apparent identifiers. For one, whether it is glazed or unglazed, it will always be watertight, which means that it will not be porous and absorb water. It is also mostly white or creamy but can be painted on the outside for beautification. It is also translucent and allows at least some light to pass through it.

Quality porcelain is also incredibly hard to scratch and fired at an exorbitantly high temperature of around 1400 °C. For both pottery as well as porcelain antiques an important identity symbol is also the mark made by the potter at the bottom or back of the piece which reveals the origin location of the article, the name of the potter who crafted it and the artist who beautified it. In case of the absence of the mark, the unfinished base of pottery can be examined for clues about its place of origin.

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Which Labels Do We Mostly Purchase?

Prominent antique pottery and porcelain labels that interest us are Meissen, Sevres, Worcester, KPM (Königliche Porzellan-Manufaktur) and Royal Vienna among many others. As far as dinnerware like dinner sets, tea sets, pitchers and pots are concerned, Royal Copenhagen “Blue Fluted Full Lace,” Herend “Chinese Bouquet” and Royal Copenhagen “Flora Danica” are among the most recognized and important vintage labels.

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